Taking a nap

Isn’t it great to take a nap? To enjoy the world as it is lying on one’s sofa, bed, or for the more adventurous a chair or even on the floor. Taking a nap is an enjoyment in itself, something to look forward to, an activity that has great intrinsic value. Do not be bewitched by people selling stories of productivity and creativity, turning naps into some superpower that can ‘awaken ones potential’ - no. Naps should be enjoyed in itself as a thing worth doing.

8: Ijsland

Thought I'd add something I wrote a long time ago. I composed this in 2012 as part of an outreach programme organised by the Asko Schonberg Ensemble. It was quite exciting to see the piece recorded and eventually performed as part of the programme in de kleine zaal of Het Concertgebouw. A dream for any... Continue Reading →

7: Witness

I cleaned the rubbish passed down water umbrellas for when it rained belong without belonging city without history witness the blue mixing with yellow l saw them there on the bridge fire and water being, witnessing among the masses criminals, citizens. heroes? a people, lost vandals without a clan rioters without a riot witness without... Continue Reading →

5[T]: T-shirts

If there is one item that permeates all layers of society then it must be the love, use and enjoyment of the customized t-shirt. There is a never ending demand from all layers of society which agree on one thing. IF there is an event, then you probably need a t-shirt for it. T-shirts cut... Continue Reading →

No 4: [B]ackground music

What does background music have to do with Hong Kong you ask? Don’t most places in the world have some kind of background music? Certainly, but in my experience there is something interesting about Hong Kong’s music that is featured in the malls, shops, toilets and etc. They range from the weird to the classical,... Continue Reading →

No 3: [R]aces (The Weekly Migration

Every week, on a Sunday a great migration takes place in the city of Hong Kong. Thousands of men, mostly of an advanced age shuffle and bumble to the nearest gambling office to bet on horses. Those with adventure in their blood migrate even further and take the MTR to new territories where the horse... Continue Reading →

No. 2: [S]cale

Hong Kong is a city which operates on a different scale than those I was familiar with. The height of the average flat building is sometimes unbelievable. In the Netherlands, a lone flat building might appear as an oddity, a tree standing in a field. In Hong Kong we speak forests, not individual trees. Hong... Continue Reading →

No 1:[R]estaurants (Menu)

I thought it would be a fun writing exercise to write a weekly reflection on some particularities I think make up Hong Kong. These do not have to be necesarrily unique to Hong Kong, some are universal, some are shared by other countries, but overall they make up the character of Hong Kong. I write this mainly for myself, but perhaps some of those reading will enjoy it too.

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