Taking a nap

Isn’t it great to take a nap? To enjoy the world as it is lying on one’s sofa, bed, or for the more adventurous a chair or even on the floor. Taking a nap is an enjoyment in itself, something to look forward to, an activity that has great intrinsic value. Do not be bewitched by people selling stories of productivity and creativity, turning naps into some superpower that can ‘awaken ones potential’ - no. Naps should be enjoyed in itself as a thing worth doing.

7: Witness

I cleaned the rubbish passed down water umbrellas for when it rained belong without belonging city without history witness the blue mixing with yellow l saw them there on the bridge fire and water being, witnessing among the masses criminals, citizens. heroes? a people, lost vandals without a clan rioters without a riot witness without... Continue Reading →

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