8: Ijsland

Thought I’d add something I wrote a long time ago. I composed this in 2012 as part of an outreach programme organised by the Asko Schonberg Ensemble. It was quite exciting to see the piece recorded and eventually performed as part of the programme in de kleine zaal of Het Concertgebouw. A dream for any aspiring composer surely! I am very satisfied with this piece which is quite rare I think.

The piece is titled Ijsland (Iceland), it does not have any direct connection to the country, rather it was inspired by a vague feeling I somehow associated with the country. I wanted to keep the melody as simple as I could focussing on the shifting harmonies which hopefully keeps it from being boring. The reason I did not use a traditional string quartet was due to the nature of the ensemble. Looking back however I think the contrast between the two violins and the cello + contrabass adds to the atmosphere nicely.

I have added the mp3 and pdf, hopefully it can give somebody some inspiration or enjoyment!

All credit to the musicians who can make anything sound amazing.




IJsland – Milan_definitiefIJsland – Milan_Ismangil

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