11: Lines in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a drama to it. You have the roads that float above the city that, combined with the building underneath provide the street with a lot of curved lines. It shows the division between the organic and the mechanical. The curved roads are not meant for humans while the straight roads are. A modern city is straight and square so seeing these non-straight lines of the roads above us somehow reminds me of nature. Chaotic and unpredictable.

Near West Kowloon Cultural District

The shadows are dramatic. The road above covers everything in darkness but those who walk remain in the light.

near University of Hong Kong station

The first time I really noticed these roads hanging above was when I studied at the University of Hong Kong. I remember seeing a bus drive above me. Coming from the Netherlands I never had to think in a vertical way.

Cultural Centre at Tsim Tsa Tsui

I think the person is taking a photo on their phone. The pose reminded me of a ballet dances which is why I took this photo.

Taken on a bus

I think when you are in Hong Kong you are obliged to take a photo that looks something like this. The man in the forefront rushing to get across provides some balance to the photo.

Between Che Kong Temple and Tai Wai

Between Sha Tin and Tai Wai there is a waterway with trees. A feeling of space and openness, something quite rare when you are that close to an MTR station.

West Kowloon cultural district

Once again the combination of curved and straight lines. The sign is not meant for us pedestrians down below. The cars above are invisible. We can only hear them driving above us. A constant noise.

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