13: Walking in Hong Kong

Somehow I end up taking a lot of of photos of people’s backs. Not that I am too afraid too take a photo of their face (or perhaps I am) but I find there is something intrigueing about how people walk together, or alone; unconcerned about whatever is behind them.

On the bus near To Kwa Kwan

This was taken from the front window of the doubledecker bus. Everyone walking into a different direction as if they had just been placed there randomly

San Po Kong

Only children run without purpose

Near Sha Tin

A tender moment on a sunday walk.

Che Kong Temple

I thought the way his feet were places was interesting, as well as the shadow of the fence which is not exactly straight.

Near Tai Wai

On the back you can see remnants of protest stickers. These you can find all over Hong Kong now.

Kowloon City Park


Kowloon City

The post-lunch walk, similar suits and similar haircuts. A sharp contrast to the barefoot man in the picture above

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